RP Finance Fixed Deposits                                                   Inquiries: 0722215357

Richard Pieris Finance Limited is a registered finance Company authorized to accept deposits from the public by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and a fully owned & the only Finance subsidiary company of Richard Pieris Company PLC which is one of the largest & most successful diversified business conglomerates in Sri Lanka with a proud history of 84 years.

Richard Pieris Finance Limited offers you an opportunity to secure your future prospects by placing your hard earned savings as Fixed Deposits and to be an exclusive beneficiary, under the unbeatable stability of the Richard Pieris group while earning competitive returns.

Fixed Deposits could be placed from 1 Month to 60 Months individually or jointly and by Organizations.

**FD Interest Rates W.E.F. 20th of October 2023

Period Maturity A.E.R Monthly A.E.R.
1  Months
3 Months 12.50% 13.10% 11.50% 12.13%
6 Months 11.25% 11.57% 10.25% 10.75%
9 Months 11.25% 11.41% 10.25% 10.75%
12 Months 12.00% 12.00% 11.00% 11.57%
13 Months 12.00% 11.94% 11.00% 11.57%
15 Months 11.75% 11.59% 10.75% 11.30%
18 Months 11.75% 11.43% 10.75% 11.30%
24 Months 11.50% 10.91% 10.50% 11.02%
36 Months 11.25% 10.18% 10.25% 10.75%
48 Months 11.00% 9.54% 10.00% 10.47%
60 Months 10.50% 8.81% 9.50% 9.92%

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RP Finance Savings

RPF offers three types of Savings Facilities catering to all age level of individuals such as Minors below 18 years of age, regular savings focused on the Sri Lankan work force aged between 18-60 years and the guardians of our society, the senior citizens over 60 years of age.

RPF Randaru Savings for Minors

Randaru Savings Account is designed with a special interest rate of 6.50% to encourage savings for the future generation in the country. This Minor Savings Account can be opened with a Guardian and under the name of the child age below 18 years.
Required Document: Savings Mandate, Copy of the Birth Certificate of the Child, Copy of the National Identity Card of the Guardian. (Soft copies are permissible)

RPF Platinum Savings

Platinum Savings Account is for all Sri Lankans between 18 to 59 years, an attractive 6% can be offered to individuals that belong in the criteria or any other registered corporate entity.
Required Documents :Savings Mandate, KYC Form, Copy of the National Identity Card, an acceptable billing proof. (Soft copies are permissible)

RPF Vishrama Savings for Senior Citizens

Vishrama Savings Account is specially designed for the guardians of our society, Our Senior Citizens. Individuals over the age of 60 will be entitled to this savings account with an attractive annual rate of 6%
Required Documents: Savings Mandate, KYC Form, Copy of the National Identity Card, an acceptable billing proof. (Soft copies are permissible)

Saving Interest Rate : Normal 6% / Senior 6% / Minor 6.5%

With RP Finance Fixed Deposits:

  • Instant loan facilities against your Fixed Deposits.
  • Competitive interest rates on investment periods ranging from 1 to 60 months.
  • Could stand as an excellent security for other loan facilities.
  • One day realization on Bank Drafts/Pay Orders.
  • Can obtain balance confirmations/Tax Certificates at your requisition.
  • FD’s with RP finance means security for your future prospects.
  • Easy process & Best customer service.

**Fitch Ratings has affirmed Richard Pieris Finance Limited’s (RPF) National Long-Term Rating at ‘AA-(lka)’. The Outlook is Stable.**

Conditions and other information:

Documents Required – For Individuals

1.Application Form Download
2.Know Your Customer Form Download
3.Copy of National Identity Card.
4.Billing Proof (Not Compulsory)

Documents Required – For Organizations

1.Application Form Download
2.Know Your Customer Form Download
3.Copy of Business Registration
4.Confirmation of Signature Authorities on Company letter head
5.If NGO, a written confirmation for WHT exemption from Inland Revenue or a legally valid document