Richard Pieris Finance has designed one more innovative fixed deposit product referred to as “Arogya” which provides a free medical insurance cover and a Life Insurance cover from HNB Insurance to protect the investor and his/her family. The main idea behind introduction of this product is to enable every citizen who would wish to provide the best health care to their loved ones, to do so without eroding the family’s future savings.

What is Arogya Fixed Deposit?

Arogya  Fixed Deposit is a value added 1 year fixed deposit product  and the unique feature of this product is that in addition to the interest on the Fixed Deposit, it also provides a medical and Life insurance coverage to the deposit holder and his/her family from HNB Insurance

Who Should Invest?

People who are looking average return with unmatched medical and Life insurance benefits.


How does it work?

When customers invest in an Arogya Fixed Deposit, they will automatically receive a family medical and Life insurance cover. Also this cover will be valid for a period of one year which is the tenure of the deposit.

Example:- if a customer who is less than 75 years of age places a Arogya Fixed Deposit of Rs.5,000,000/-,the customer and his/her family will be covered by a medical insurance cover of Rs.250,000/- and 1,250,000 Life cover.

     Who is covered by the medical insurance cover?

  • Customer and his/her family unit are covered. The family unit is defined as deposit holder, spouse and 3 children.
  • If the customer is unmarried he/she can include the parents who are less than 75 years.