Challenges are a way to success. But to carve your way to the top, you have to seek challenges and overcome them. This is my motto from which all my success has sprung said, Richard Pieris Finance Ltd., Executive Director /CEO, K M M Jabir exclusively to Ceylon business news on how facing challenges made him successful.

Success is a goal everyone must endeavour to achieve. My journey began at the People`s Bank, after 12 years although facing and passing competitive exams `I was not given a promotion because of union action. It was at that stage I joined Seylan Bank group, here I was offered to help set up a commercial credit division at the Seylan Merchant Bank. Which I did and then National Development Bank invited me to head their subsidiary Mercantile Leasing as senior Manager operations. The team I developed under my tutelage and guidance was very successful. Which led to the next stepping stone in my career as I was then called back by People`s Bank.

This was an important turning point to me as the very place I began my career wanted me back, I was entrusted with the task of heading People`s Leasing in the capacity of an assistant General Manager. The main challenge here was to bring in the working environment of a private sector culture to the company and make it operate like a private institution; I had the complete backing of the board. Therefore, this enabled me to make vital changes and achieve my target. I introduced and put in place the necessary systems. Today its’ success bear`s witness to my work. By the time I left it was operating with 100 Branches Island wide, Jabir said.

Speaking on the present situation at RPF, Jabir said. I was given the task of setting up a finance company. The start up capital was Rs. 400 Million now I have built it to a 14.5 Billion rupee asset base company the value of the company is now not less than Rs.5 Billion. We started with 5 employees and now we employ over 250 people. We have been making profits from the word go. The name Richard Pieris itself has been a great contributory factor for the incredible success of Richard Pieris`Finance’ because it gives our clients an instant sense of trust and stability when they deal with us.

This is simply because the Richard Pieris group have been serving our nation for more than 85 years we have built on the trust/ stability and good name of our parent company to get to where we are today’also a key factor is employing the right kind of people which is very crucial to running a company like a well oiled machine the dynamic staff at Richard Pieris Finance is testament to that.

We provide our customers with an outlet to market their produce. We are now dealing largely with the SME sector where we hope to help to get into the upper SME sector. Our ultimate target is to be placed among the top 5 financial institutions in the country within the next 5 years.