Financial Statement

Financial Statement 2018-2019

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Sales Manager

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Mr. Muditha Welihinda

A member of British Computer Society, Australian Computer Society and Institute of Data Processing Management (UK). Also a Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA – USA).Has over 25 years of experience of which about seven year in overseas in Information Technology from programming, project management, application consultancy and data center management. Currently in the final stages of the MBA in University of Colombo and Msc in Keel University – UK. Managing the Information Technology services wing of Richard Pieris Group as the General Manager / Head of IT.

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RPF Investments

RP Finance Fixed Deposits                                                   Inquiries: 0722215357

Richard Pieris Finance Limited is a registered finance Company authorized to accept deposits from the public by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and a fully owned & the only Finance subsidiary company of Richard Pieris Company PLC which is one of the largest & most successful diversified business conglomerates in Sri Lanka with a proud history of 84 years.

Richard Pieris Finance Limited offers you an opportunity to secure your future prospects by placing your hard earned savings as Fixed Deposits and to be an exclusive beneficiary, under the unbeatable stability of the Richard Pieris group while earning competitive returns.

Fixed Deposits could be placed from 1 Month to 60 Months individually or jointly and by Organizations.

**FD Interest Rates W.E.F. 01st of January 2021.


Period Maturity A.E.R Monthly A.E.R.
1 Month 5.01% 5.13%
3 Months 5.26% 5.36% 5.14% 5.26%
6 Months 5.51% 5.59% 5.38% 5.51%
12 Months 7.01% 7.01% 6.79% 7.01%
13 Months 7.01% 6.99% 6.79% 7.01%
15 Months 7.01% 6.95% 6.79% 7.01%
18 Months 7.01% 6.89% 6.79% 7.01%
24 Months 7.76% 7.48% 7.50% 7.76%
36 Months 8.26% 7.66% 7.96% 8.26%
37 Months 8.26% 7.64% 7.96% 8.26%
48 Months 8.26% 7.40% 7.96% 8.26%
60 Months 8.76% 7.54% 8.43% 8.76%

*** Additional up to 0.50% will be applicable for Senior Citizens (Over 60 Years) with a tenure of 01 Year or more***

RP Finance Savings

RPF offers three types of Savings Facilities catering to all age level of individuals such as Minors below 18 years of age, regular savings focused on the Sri Lankan work force aged between 18-60 years and the guardians of our society, the senior citizens over 60 years of age.

RPF Randaru Savings for Minors

Randaru Savings Account is designed with a special interest rate of 6% to encourage savings for the future generation in the country. This Minor Savings Account can be opened with a Guardian and under the name of the child age below 18 years.
Required Document: Savings Mandate, Copy of the Birth Certificate of the Child, Copy of the National Identity Card of the Guardian. (Soft copies are permissible)

RPF Platinum Savings

Platinum Savings Account is for all Sri Lankans between 18 to 59 years, an attractive 5.50% can be offered to individuals that belong in the criteria or any other registered corporate entity.
Required Documents :Savings Mandate, KYC Form, Copy of the National Identity Card, an acceptable billing proof. (Soft copies are permissible)

RPF Vishrama Savings for Senior Citizens

Vishrama Savings Account is specially designed for the guardians of our society, Our Senior Citizens. Individuals over the age of 60 will be entitled to this savings account with an attractive annual rate of 5.50%
Required Documents: Savings Mandate, KYC Form, Copy of the National Identity Card, an acceptable billing proof. (Soft copies are permissible)

Saving Interest Rate : Normal 4.50% / Senior 4.50% / Minor 5.00%

With RP Finance Fixed Deposits:

  • Instant loan facilities against your Fixed Deposits.
  • Competitive interest rates on investment periods ranging from 1 to 60 months.
  • Could stand as an excellent security for other loan facilities.
  • One day realization on Bank Drafts/Pay Orders.
  • Can obtain balance confirmations/Tax Certificates at your requisition.
  • FD’s with RP finance means security for your future prospects.
  • Easy process & Best customer service.

**RAM Ratings Lanka Ltd has assigned a credit rating of BBB for the Richard Pieris group**

Conditions and other information:

  • Interest rates are subject to change as per the Central Bank directions and once the deposit is made the interest rate is fixed until maturity.
  • Minimum Deposit Amount: Rs 10,000/-
  • Deposits can be made by Cash or an Account Payee Cheque favoring “Richard Pieris Finance Limited
  • Depositors should submit the supporting documents along with the Fixed Deposit Application form set such as copy of the National Identity Card and a Billing proof
  • Interest can be remitted to customer’s designated bank account if the depositor wants to draw interest on a monthly maturity basis.

Documents Required – For Individuals

1.Application Form Download
2.Know Your Customer Form Download
3.Copy of National Identity Card.
4.Billing Proof (Not Compulsory)

Documents Required – For Organizations

1.Application Form Download
2.Know Your Customer Form Download
3.Copy of Business Registration
4.Confirmation of Signature Authorities on Company letter head
5.If NGO, a written confirmation for WHT exemption from Inland Revenue or a legally valid document

RPF Islamic Finance


Richard Peiris Finance Ltd now offers Shari’ah compliant financial services and products with a motive to reach out, to a potential customer base that prefer alternative financing arrangements. The Unit has been named as “Arij” Islamic Financial Services in order to differentiate its business operation to conventional financial services to bring more prominence in the eyes of the customers who strongly value this system. Arij’s core strength lies in the optimum balance between pertinent product ranges, personalized services and a contemporary look and feel.
Justice, equity and fairness are values underpinning the Islamic finance system. These are values that are considered as most integral to our Islamic finance operation and practice

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Richard Pieris Finance Ltd – ARIJ

  • Registered as a finance company to accept deposit / investments from the public by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.
  • RPF is a fully owned subsidiary company of Richard Pieris Company PLC, which is one of the largest and most successful business corporations in Sri Lanka with a history of 83 years.
  • “ARIJ” has appointed well respected eminent scholars and practitioners to its Islamic Finance Unit.
  • The Shari’ah Advisory Board has authorized and approved the entire Product line, Process and Accounting standards for ARIJ.
  • The Board of Directors are well qualified professionals with sound reputation in the business circle.


The RPAF has launched its “Arij Istismaar ” Account to provide you with a market-competitive ethical return on your investment, based on the Shari’ah principle of Wakalah Bilistismaar. The investment aims to provide you a steady income stream over the medium to long-term period ,through investments primarily in Shari’ah-compliant assets and business transaction.

Wakalah Bilistismaar

Wakala Bilistismaar is a simple Islamic money market concept used in investment products.

The Investor (“Muwakkil”) enters into a Wakalah Bilistismaar Agreement with the Richard Pieris Finance (RPF) – Arij Islamic Finance Unit (“Wakeel”) and invests a certain amount of money to the RPF to be utilized and invested in profitable Shariah-compliant transactions.

The Investor will be offered the expected profit rate from the Investments and the RPF will earn a Wakalah fee for the service rendered. Any amount that the RPF earns in excess of the Investor’s expected profit (after deducting the Wakalah fee) will be retained by the RPF as incentive.

[wpspoiler name=”Arij Istismaar” style=”wpui-light”]

Arij ®–Istismaar (Retail Investment)

This investment is designed for individuals or SME companies. Minimum amount is LKR 50,000.00 with a minimum tenure of 3 months.

Arij © Istismaar (Corporate Investment)

This Investment is targeted to corporate organizations or high-net worth individuals with minimum amount requirement of LKR 500,000.00. Minimum tenure is 3 months; any other tenures can be further negotiated.

RPF is able to inform the Anticipated Profit Rate (APR) at the point of placement, thus, allowing customers to know their expected rate of return on their investment. However, the RPF as an agent will not guarantee the fixed profit from the investment.

Its benefits include:

  • A competitive expected profit rate
  • A minimum investment from as low as Rs.50,000/=
  • Senior Citizens are entitled for a special profit incentive
  • Flexible investment tenure
  • Business finance facility up-to 100% of your investment


[wpspoiler name=”Ijarah-Leasing” style=”wpui-light”]

Ijarah is a contract between the Lessor and the Lessee, under which the usufruct of an asset is transferred to the Lessee where the Lessee has the right to enjoy a specific benefit from the asset for a specic period against a specified consideration payable by the Lessee to the Lessor. Upon completion of the lease period Lessee gets ownership of the asset.

It is a Shari’ah compliant financing model which allows you to own an asset whilst preserving your capital for other productive commercial purposes.

Responsibility of stakeholders under Ijarah Lease:

Description of liabilities Responsibility
Expenses related to ownership Lessor
Expenses related to use of asset Lessee
Risk associated with ownership Lessor
Risks associated with use of asset Lessee
Third party liability in case of an accident Lessee
Expenses and risks associated with ownership
but caused due to gross negligence

Arij’s offer:

If you’re seriously thinking about getting a new set of wheels, we are always keen to help you with our residual value Ijarah scheme designed for you and can be custom made according to your requirements with a blend of convenience and flexibility.


  • Simple application process
  • High financing amounts
  • Flexible financing tenure with residual options
  • Absolutely hassle-free, Quick approval
  • Affordable and competitive rental
  • Options for early termination with full rebate


[wpspoiler name=”Wakalah Business Finance” style=”wpui-light”]

As a business owner, you are faced with both challenges and opportunities on a daily basis, many of which require you to have cash in hand. It is essential both for you and for your business to have access to the funding you need, when you need it, and it’s no secret how difficult that can be.

We are dedicated to help you to grow your business on your terms. Our Wakalah business finance is designed with you in mind and may be customized to work with your unique business model; you will have flexibility and ease-of-use while solving your business funding needs. You are free to use the capital for any business expansion which comes under the ambit of Shari’ah principle.

Our Wakalah business finance facility is ideal for Small and Medium Enterprises, Corporate and Sole-proprietorships in Sri Lanka whose businesses are expanding or have the potential to grow.


  • Simple application process
  • Flexible financing tenure
  • Absolutely hassle-free, Quick approval
  • Affordable and competitive installment
  • Options for early termination
  • Product is truly Shari’ah compliant


[wpspoiler name=”Murabahah” style=”wpui-light”]

Murabahah refers to a particular kind of sale transaction where RPF expressly mentions the cost it has incurred on purchase of the asset to be sold and sells it to a prospective customer / buyer by adding a profit, which is known to customer / buyer.

It is an Islamic financing structure, where RPF buys an item / goods or property with free and clear title to it. The RPF and prospective buyer then agree upon a sale price (including an agreed upon profit for the RPF) that can be made through a series of installments, or as a lump sum payment.

Murabaha facility is offered to customers to :

  • Purchase Goods / Commodity
  • Purchase Property / Assets
  • Purchase registered Vehicles / Equipments


Securing your business finance:

Call us today on:

  • (+94) 115 900 600
  • Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Write to:

  • Richard Pieris Finance Ltd
    Arij – Islamic Financial Services Unit.
    69, Arpico Complex, Hyde Park Corner
    Colombo 2

Email your inquires to: